Our Team

In keeping with its mandate to attract, develop and retain highly qualified staff, and to create a culture of organizational excellence. Our administration has the following strategic objectives under the plan period:

  • to develop people to be their best in order to meet the needs of FCRFG by:
  • building and maintaining an effective overall performance management system;
  • providing appropriate and timely training to meet the needs of customers and demands of the organization;
  • providing organizational development services that will facilitate change and continuous improvement in the organization;
  • to align the best management and total compensation philosophy to attract and retain the most qualified employees by:
  • maintaining a current total compensation and classification process to effectively attract and maintain employees; and
  • evaluating and addressing employee retention issues;
  • to continue to improve the quality of the work culture by:
  • recognizing and rewarding individual and team talents and contributions;
  • identifying, developing and implementing policies and procedures, intervention, and training to improve the quality of work life and the “culture” of the organization.
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