Despite the challenges that we have been facing since the establishment of our orphanage centre we managed to make significant improvement as follows:

  • Registration of a Non-Governmental Organization under which the orphanage centre is operating, “The Foundation for Conserving Natural Resource Based for Future Generation (FCNRFG)” . This foundation deals with environmental conservation and children matters.
  • We managed to hire a house with good standards in compliance with the government orphanage centre requirements. We managed to pay the rent of six months period
  • All students are now getting education in primary and secondary schools while others have already graduated
  • We have succeeded to make a total number of 28 children join their families in different regions of Tanzania
  • We started a small agricultural project in order to sustain some of our needs



  • We have no permanent settlement

  • Inefficiency of learning and teaching equipment at our centre

  • Inefficiency of office equipment

  • Lack of house rent

  • The lack of balanced diet for our children

  • Lack of permanent sponsors to sustain our projects


1. We acknowledge the contribution of all people who in one way or another contributed to the success of our orphanage centre so far achieved
2. We are kindly welcoming local and international volunteers to join our day to day projects
3. We are seeking for partial and permanent sponsors for the sustainability of our child and environmental based-projects.
4. We are seeking other organizations operating on orphanage and environmental matters to collaborate
5. We welcome any individual or organization with good will who in one way or another have a positive mind towards child welfare

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